Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering

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Academy of Oil and Gas Engineering (License giving a right to provide the educational services А № 0000419). Providing various programs of an additional professional training and retraining, qualification enhancement courses in the sphere of onshore and offshore development of hydrocarbons fields.

Kindly ask you to send Your applications to the address:
92/5 Kurortniy Prospect, Sochi
Z.C. 354024
tel/fax: 8 (8622) 255 447
e-mail: oilteam@oilteam.ru

By the results of Your applications the group of students will be generated, adjusting the time of course delivery and its fees.

All courses will be delivered in Sochi and designed for alumni of core specializations or having a background in natural sciences, engineers and oil-and-gas industry specialists. Duration of an additional professional education in the area of offshore engineering will last for one year and for the short courses are from 3 to 10 days depending on the themes.
  • Master’s programme

  • Master’s courses
  • Admission requirements and procedures.
  • Qualification enhancement courses