Компания ОЙЛТИМ


Company offices located in Tomsk and Sochi. Holding company, Gaz Inform Plast and SIAM Overseas are situated in Tomsk. Company also owns the buildings in the centre of Sochi with the total area of several thousand square meters where premises of Academy OGE and STC Oilteam are located.

The premises are equipped with ventilation and air conditioning systems, computer and projection units.

The library has been made to provide the working and studying conditions, including the most valuable Russian and foreign tutorials and monographs and subscribing to the special issues are provided.

The campus has been built in the step accessibility from the office to accommodate the employees of the Company. Property of company includes a five flours building, the outdoor territory consists of a recreation area with a swimming pool. All apartments are provided with the necessary equipment and furniture, and also connected to the phone link and Internet. Apart from this, there are cafe and well equipped gym in the building.

Considering the plans of business extension the project is preparing for extra living premises and in the next three years, another building will be constructed near the existing campus, which will complete the creation of a comprehensive campus and Company infrastructure in Sochi.